Sheraton Laguna Guam Introduces New Experience on “Sheraton Day”


Guam’s Sheraton Hotel offers a new menu pairing wine, craft beer, and local cuisine.

Tumuning, Guam– All Sheraton Hotels are celebrating a world wide day for the hotel conglomerate and as a result the Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort is introducing a new experience, exclusive to the Sheraton, called Paired for locals and visitors that will be offered every day from now on.

Amilyn Salas, Sheraton Guam’s Director of Sales, says that this pairing is unique in the fact that Guam has never offered a menu that pairs local cuisine, premier wine, and chamorro inspired dishes together on a menu.

The “Paired” experience features a menu including dishes like Chicken Kelaguen wontons paired with Wheat Ale and Chardonnay; Island Poke in sesame rice with Pinot Grigio and Golden Ale; Kalbi Tacos with Pale Ale and Italian Banfi Brunello wine; Escargot Potato Cup with Belgian White Ale and Cabernet Savignon; and Aspargus is paired with Belgian White Beer and Pinot Noir.

Executive Chef, Mariquito Fernandez, says that the importance of incorporating Chamorro food is due to the need to give locals and visitors a nice touch of Guam’s culture within the Paired experience.  He also mentioned that they are proud to support local produce as they use locally grown vegetables within their cuisine. 

 Joey Salas, Ambros Wine and Liquor Manager, shared that Ambros is excited for the partnership in supplying the craft beer and wine to the Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort for the Paired menu as it is something they have not seen with their other clients.  Salas specifically helped select the craft beers and wines that would best pair with the flavors of each dish.

So whether you enjoy wine, beer, or local cuisine, the Sheraton is offering The Pairing to all.  The Sheraton bar is open daily until 11pm.