VIDEO: DPW Says Sherwood’s New Owners Need a New Occupancy Permit


Guam – The Sherwood Hotel in Tumon and the Department of Public Works are in dispute over the Hotel’s occupancy permit.


The Sherwood was recently acquired by Polaris Guam, a company owned by Jenny Wu, David Su, Emvo, Primary Properties, Cesar Cabot and John Wu.

It was damaged by typhoon Pongsona and left vacant for over a decade.


Polaris got a permit to repair the exterior and interior of the building,  but they didn’t request an new occupancy permit, thinking they could rely on the old one that was issued to the prior owners.

Occupancy permits don’t necessarily have an expiration date, but DPW Deputy Director Carl Dominguez says the agency believes they need a brand new occupancy permit.

“Our position at the Department of Public Works is that they need an occupancy permit,” said Dominguez. “They have not completed the building permit process and so our position is because of the fact that there was damage by the typhoon and vacant for a long time we want them to get a new occupancy permit.”

Dominguez says he has scheduled a meeting with the owners of the Sherwood TUESDAY where they will try and iron out the problem.