Naval Base Guam: Protehi Y Marianas Exercise on Tues., Wed., & Thurs., Nov. 6,7 & 8


Guam – Naval Base Guam will evaluate their antiterrorism and force protection measures during the annual Protehi Y Marianas (Marianas Shield) exercise here Nov. 6 through 8.

The community can expect some delays and possibly closures at gates and building entrances, traffic rerouting, and building evacuations at various installation locations.  There will be increased traffic and noise activity on base for the duration of the exercise. 

There may be variations of sirens, messages from loud speakers and emergency vehicles and personnel responding to exercise areas. Persons conducting business on base can expect some disruption in traffic flow.

Further questions may be directed to the Naval Base Guam Public Affairs office at 671-339-2663 or Joint Region Marianas Public Affairs Office at 349-4055/3209.

For more information about Naval Base Guam or to stay current on public information during the exercise, please visit our website at, our Facebook page at, or our Twitter page at

Naval Base Guam

Naval Base Guam’s mission is to support the US Pacific Fleet and other operating forces base at, serviced by or supplied through Guam; to support the fighters based here or attached to our tenant commands; and to support the families of Sailors stationed on Guam.