Shimizu: Late tax filers may have ‘penalties’

Dafne Shimizu

Individuals who have not filed their taxes, can still do. However, taxpayers might have penalties applied for filling after the deadline.

The last day to file returns was on April 18.

It was a busy day at the Guam Department of Revenue & Taxation, although the process for taxpayers to file or drop their taxes was said to run smoothly with lines running quickly.

According to Dafne Shimizu, DRT Director, as of last week, the Department of Revenue and Taxation paid out about 68 million dollars in refunds.

Those who did not file before the deadline can still submit their tax returns.

However, those who didn’t file and owe taxes might face hefty penalties for filing late.

The Real Property Taxes deadline is April 20. Those who do not file in time could also face penalties.

“If you do have to file a return, the deadline is April 18,” said Shimizu. “If you missed the deadline, and you still need to file, yes, you can continue to file. However, there are gonna be penalties if you owe. The penalties if you did not apply for an extension are 5% per month up to 25%.”

For more information, visit, or contact the DRT call center at 671-635-1840/1 or email