Shinohara Says His Crime Was Unrelated to Gutierrez Administration


Guam – With mere weeks to go before the Gubernatorial campaign, the battle heats up with both sides spending money to attack each other’s credibility.

Both camps took out full page ads in the Pacific Daily News this morning [Wednesday].

But one advertisement which captures attention is from a former top Gutierrez Administration official who seeks to clarify reports about his conviction.

In the ad, former Guttierrez Chief of Staff  Gil Shinohara says the crime he committed was against the Bank of Guam, not the Government of Guam.

The ad, paid for by Shinohara himself, quotes the transcript from the Federal sentencing Judge that says Shinohara was cleared of public corruption charges and was convicted of a private crime.

Shinohara, who has not spoken publicly since his release from prison, implores the Republican candidates to keep his case out of the campaign, saying his family has suffered enough.