Shooting by Guam police that left one man dead being investigated as a homicide


The Guam Attorney’ General’s office confirmed to PNC News that its investigation of the November 3rd shooting involving two civilians and four police officers is classified as a homicide investigation.

During the incident, police fired upon a man and woman in the course of responding to a theft complaint.

The officers said the couple were driving a car that accelerated toward the them as they approached, which prompted them to fire.

The woman survived, but the man, Xavier Tedtaotao, was killed.

AG’s Office investigators have interviewed the officers involved as well as the woman present with Tedtaotao, collected initial GPD reports of the incident, processed Tedtaotao’s vehicle and are awaiting the results of the autopsy report.

Police chief Steven Ignacio agreed the AG’s Office should lead the investigation to resolve any doubts about its independence and integrity.

The investigation is ongoing.