VIDEO: Airmen Shot in Arm in Macheche Saturday, Medevaced to Hawaii


Guam – Guam Police are investigating a shooting that occurred last Saturday night in Macheche Dededo. The man who was shot was an Andersen Air Force Base airman.


It happened on Kayen Komplimento Street. Police got the call about 11 pm. GPD Sgt. Liz Flickenger says they found the airman lying on the driveway, outside the gate of a home where some fellow airmen lived. He had been shot in the right arm.

The man’s green Honda Civic was parked nearby. Neighbors say it appeared the man had been shot inside the vehicle and then staggered out of his car, to the gate of his friends home, where he collapsed

Sgt. Flikenger says the circumstances surrounding the shooting are under investigation and no suspects have been arrested. She confirmed that the man was an airman stationed at Andersen Air Force Base and he was taken to Naval Hospital for treatment.

Andersen Public Affairs Captain Chris Hoyler told PNC News that the airmen was subsequently medevaced to Tripler Medical Center in Honolulu for treatment.

Capt. Hoyler said he was not authorized to reveal the airman’s condition, provide the airman’s name or say anything about the shooting which remains the subject of an investigation by the Air Force, as well as GPD.