Should We Have a Part Time Legislature?


Senator Brant McCreadie introduces bill to place part-time legislature question on the 2016 ballot.

Guam – Should we have a part-time legislature? Senator Brant McCreadie wants the voters to decide and he has introduced a bill that places this question on the 2016 ballot.


“The question has to be asked. Is a part-time legislature needed for this island? If you look at different jurisdictions around the country 24 states have part-time legislatures, big states,” said Senator McCreadie.

 Senator Brant McCreadie has introduced bill 206 or the “Citizen Legislature Reform Act” which will allow voters to decide whether or not Guam should have a part-time legislature. If the bill is passed into law it would place this question on the 2016 General Election ballot much the same way that the medical marijuana referendum was placed on the ballot. “I think this is something that the people deserve to be asked the question and they deserve the opportunity to express their feelings of what they want to do. Yes or No. I mean it’s pretty simple you either support it or you oppose it.”

 We asked the Senator whether or not he thinks personally that there should be a part-time legislature. “I think we have to consider a part-time legislature yes,” replied the Senator.

 However the Senator feels that the legislative staff should be full time. “A lot of the success of a legislator or a Senator is because of how good his staff is and right now the behind the scenes leadership of the entire staff of the legislature is golden. They’re very hard workers and we as senators appreciate they’re hard workers because basically senators couldn’t be who they are without their staff and so that’s a key component of explaining this bill,” said Senator McCreadie.

 We asked the lawmaker if he thought he would have support for this bill. “Do I think I’ll have support for a piece of legislation like this I don’t know I hope so I think the message that we send the core message that we send Clynt, is the illustration of letting the people decide.”


 Pay for lawmakers would be capped at $35 thousand dollars a year. Senator McCreadie says that the savings from his bill will be put in lock box fund to be used as emergency funds for health public safety and education.