Simon Sanchez High School holds ‘Grad & Go’ graduation ceremony

Simon Sanchez HS 'Grad & Go' graduation (PNC photo)

With COVID restrictions still in place, all Guam Department of Education schools have been holding motorcade ceremonies for their graduating seniors.

However, that didn’t stop the Simon Sanchez High School graduating class of 2021 from coming up with a creative way to celebrate their graduation while still complying with CDC guidelines.

Like many of GDOE’s public schools, this is the high school’s second year of a “Grad & Go” graduation ceremony.

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Simon Sanchez High School Principal Carla Dulay Masnayon tells PNC that their graduation ceremony was coordinated by their senior class, along with school staff, and they came up with a hybrid graduation ceremony

“Since the majority of the kids were not able to come on campus and they were doing online learning, the senior class had to organize and coordinate a lot of this via online with the students, via e-mail, and it was really the advisors that were coming on campus to make sure everything fell into place,” Masnayon said.

She added: “It was their idea to actually come down and walk the main hallway one last time because they didn’t get to do it this year.”

Masnayon says the school also added another service to students at the graduation ceremony.

“A lot of our students weren’t able to take their professional photographs in the venue so at least the senior class was able to secure some money so that they can do some photography at the school site. This was a free service for our graduates so when the photos are available, they’ll be able to pick them up,” Masnayon said.

Like many of GDOE’s schools, this is the high school’s second year of a “Grad & Go” graduation ceremony.

Simon Sanchez had a total of 218 graduates at the ceremony and anticipates having 40 more graduates at their Rainbow graduation ceremony