Simon Sanchez High School Receives Another Bomb Threat; Fourth Bomb Threat for GDOE in a Week


Simon Sanchez High School found another written bomb threat in one of their restrooms, making it the fourth bomb threat the Guam Department of Education received in just a week.

Guam – Safety measures continue at Simon Sanchez High School after another written bomb threat was discovered in a restroom. This time, the bomb threat is scheduled for January 21st.


GDOE Acting Deputy Superintendent Chris Anderson says, “Unfortunately the administration from SSHS received a report from students that again, there was another writing scheduling a bomb threat for Thursday. Not really sure what the situation is scheduling bomb threats but in those two cases, it was a threat of an upcoming bomb threat.”

This is the third bomb threat found at the Yigo campus in just a week. Last week Tuesday, this written bomb threat was reported by students inside the women’s restroom. A couple of days later, another written bomb threat was discovered in the men’s restroom. Then on Friday, Southern High School was placed on lock down and students were sent home during lunch after yet another bomb threat written also in one of the restrooms.

Because of the recent bomb threats, GDOE is enforcing safety measures at Sanchez. GDOE Acting Deputy Superintendent Chris Anderson says the school is also coordinating with the Guam Police Department.
Anderson explains, “They’re still continuing to do sweeps in the morning and in the afternoon. They’re closing down their campus at 3 o clock. There are some after school activities that are still allowed so in the areas where the campus has to be used by sports teams or any other approved club organization, students will be only allowed in those areas, everything else is off limits.”
Another measure includes a restroom monitor where students have to sign in and sign out if they wish to use the restroom. Andersen says these bomb threats, whether it’s just a prank, are taken seriously not only by GDOE, but GPD as well.
Anderson says, “We want students to be fully aware of the fact that this type of behavior is classified as terroristic conduct. From DOE’s perspective, this type of behavior is subject to suspension and possible expulsion. From GPD’s side, it’s a criminal offense, so students need to understand the full implications of what this means if they’re found responsible for these types of threats.”
Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact SSHS at 653-2313. Thank you.


  1. Imagine the students having to wait out in the open under clear skies with the sun beating down on them or being drenched in the rain. Imagine the hassle of having to make up the day lost because someone felt it would be COOL to call in a bomb scare. Now imagine the Guam Police serving an arrest warrant at someone’s home and recovering the phone used to make these threatening calls. That scenario makes me smile.

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