Simon Sanchez Partners With Hotel Nikko to Provide Security at the Yigo School


Guam – Simon Sanchez High School has partnered with the Hotel Nikko in an effort to provide security for their school.

Simon Sanchez Principal Beth Perez told PNC News that the Hotel Nikko has agreed to donate the services of some of their  Security Guards to provide security to the school at night, but on a temporary basis only until a more permanent solution is found.

The program is called “Nikko Shark Guard.” 

A news conference has been called at the School for 1pm Wednesday at which time Perez said that details of the program would be announced.

In a release to the media today, Perez pointed out that Simon Sanchez has been broken into 3 times since the new school year began in August. “As a result of our students frustration of what has been happening to our school,”  states Perez in the release,“they have taken ownership of this concern and have done something about it.”

Principal Perez emphasied that the arraningment with the Nikko Hotel is “temporary” until “GDOE and the legislature identify funds to find a more permanent solution.”