Simon Sanchez Remains Closed, Improvements Underway


Guam – It’s still not known when Simon Sanchez High School will re-open.

The school was closed by the Department of Public Health and Social Services last week Tuesday after failing its 5th follow-up safety inspection and it can not re-open until it passes a re-inspection.

Department of Education Maintenance Manager Billy Cruz says Public Health Officials walked through the facility with him last Friday to see what improvements have been made.

While Cynthia Naval of Public Health told PNC she expects DOE to request a re-inspection later this week, Cruz says he isn’t sure when the school will be ready.  According to Cruz cracked tiles and baseboards have been repaired but there are still unfinished projects.

“What we’re waiting on now is for our janitorial services to do deep cleaning on the tiles,” Cruz said. “We’re waiting for funds for roof repairs to put bids out for architects as well as for collateral equipment for that school.”

Agueda Johnston Middle School and Southern High School could also be closed if they fail their follow-up safety inspections in the next two weeks.  Cruz says progress is being made at both facilities and Agueda Johnston middle school should be ready for inspection by the end of this week.