Simon Sanchez Sharks Teach Elementary School Students for Service Learning


This is the first year public high school seniors need Service Learning hours to graduate, but these two Marine Biology classes from Simon Sanchez High School have no trouble racking up those hours. 

That’s because Marine Bio teachers Melanie Blas and Kimberly Pangelinan love taking their students to different elementary schools around the island to teach the younger generation about how to protect the environment. 
Blas says, “We visited three elementary school classrooms fourth grade and we came here because there was a young girl named Gabriella who came to us in Agana Shopping Center and she asked us to come to her school so that’s why we’re here.”
The Sanchez students set up five stations for the fourth graders each showcasing something different. One of them was a singing station where the elementary school kids learned about erosion and coral reefs. 
SSHS Student Jonavan Castro says, “We have to teach them how to sing songs so the songs were from other singers but we put it in our own words.”
Another student Arvi Quioc says, “My station was to show students how to reuse non-recyclable items like styrofoam and stuff like that, we made earrings, badges and name tags.” 
Blas tells us what she hopes the elementary school students would take away from this experience. She says, “So they could say ‘I want to be just like them’ or ‘I want to do good things, go to elementary schools and I want to go and teach others about how to protect the environment’.”