Simon Sanchez Student Assaulted After Dismissal


Yesterday, after Simon Sanchez high school was dismissed, a student was assaulted outside the school gates.

PNC’s Althea Engman has this story

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An anonymous tip reached out to PNC with information surrounding the incident.

Rumor has it that someone told the assaulter that a family member of the anonymous tip wanted to fight with him.

PNC reached out to the Department of Education to get their response on the assault happening outside school grounds.

According to Erika Cruz, The Deputy Superintendent of the Department of Educational Support and Community work, “The school administration is still conducting their investigation on the matter. It was Principal Masnayon who urged the guardian to report the matter to the Guam Police Department. Principal Masnayon will ensure the safety of the student and offer to counsel if the student is in need.”

Cruz added, “The Guam Department of Education has a good relationship with the mayors and the Guam Police Department. There is constant communication, especially having Mayor Savares representing the Mayors on the Guam Education Board and principals meeting with the Precinct Commanders annually to share their concerns. If there is a specific concern at a particular school, principals work directly with the precinct commanders to collaborate and get the necessary assistance that GPD can provide.”

Moreover, The Guam Department of Education has zero-tolerance relative for bullying. We have Board Policy 409, which clearly defines bullying and the course of action that needs to be taken by the school administration.

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