Simon Sanchez Wins This Year’s Prostart Culinary Competition


Simon Sanchez Has Chance to Threepeat

Guam – With back to back titles as the national high school culinary champions…the pressure was on team Simon Sanchez to defend their prostart title locally and win the chance to try for a three-peat.


With just an hour to create a three course meal the heat was on even for returning champ Abigail Pineda who said she felt just as nervous competing this year as she did last year. Pineda and her team go head to head with students from 4 other schools all fielding teams trained in the Guam Community College prostart culinary program. Mo matter what’s on the menu anything can happen.

Ramses McNeil said he enjoyed cooking a french glazed chicken with sweet and sour siracha sauce. The Simon Sanchez team won again this year and they advance to the 14th annual competition at the disneyland hotel.