Sinajana Holiday Hoops Youth Basketball Tournament Week 2 Results



The 3rd Holiday Hoops Youth Basketball Tournament, sponsored by the Sinajana Mayor’s Office and the Bank of Guam continued play in all age divisions this past weekend.

12U Division Playoffs Set
This year’s tournament features two separate playoff brackets for divisions with pool play: the Christmas and New Year’s brackets.  The top two teams from each pool advance to the Christmas bracket to challenge each other.  The remaining teams enter the New Year’s bracket.

The Sinajana Rockers Green and Inarajan Hawks ended pool play undefeated and earned the number one seed in the Christmas playoff bracket.  The Barrigada Crusaders Edge edged the Mt. Carmel Phoenix to earn the rights to challenge the Inarajan Hawks.  The Sinajana Rockers White erased the Yona Spartans to earn their way to challenge their sister team, the Sinajana Rockers Green.  In the New Year’s Bracket, the Mt. Carmel Phoenix will challenge the Barrigada Crusaders Chrome and the Malesso Rebels will take on the Yona Spartans. Playoffs in the 12U division will take place Sunday, December 30th at the Sinajana gym.

Pool play continues this week for the 8U, 10U, 14U, and 16U divisions.
Week two game results:

8-Under Division

  • Team Elite 16, Inarajan Hawks 12: Elite’s Kevin Unpingco scored 6 points.  Hawks’ Juan Hale and Kemiah Flores scored 4 points apiece.
  • Yona Spartans 15, Malesso Rebels 14: Spartans’ Darren Peredo scored 9 points.  Rebels’ Kekoa Barcinas scored 8 points.
  • Sinajana Rockers 42, Barrigada Crusaders 2: Rockers’ Kai Flores scored 16 points and teammate Geraias Sablan scored 8 points. Crusaders’ Kaekoa Quiambao scored 2 points.

10-Under Division

  • Inarajan Hawks 10, Yona Spartans4:  Hawks’ Jayvin Terlaje scored 10 points.  Spartans’ Jordan Topasna scored 4 points.
  • Sinajana Rockers Green 54, Team Elite Black 7: Rockers Green’s Kai Flores scored 15 points and teammate Matthew Quinata scored 11 points.  Elite Black’s Noah Esplana scored 5 points.
  • Sinajana Rockers White def. Barrigada Crusaders via forfeit.
  • Team Elite Gold 32, Malesso Rebels 8: Elite Gold’s Sirron Chambers scored 11 points. Rebels’ Zaydin Manibusan scored 4 points.

12-Under Division

  • Sinajana Rockers Green 42, Malesso Rebels 19: Rockers Green’s Noah Aguon scored 13 points.  Rebels’ Luke Camacho scored 10 points.
  • Inarajan Hawks 34, Barrigada Crusaders Chrome 6  Hawks’ John Paul Taimanglo scored 15 points and teammate Austin Libby scored 10 points.  Crusaders Chrome’s Cadence Guzman scored 4 points.
  • Sinajana Rockers White37, Yona Spartans 18: Rockers White’s Jacob Reyes scored 22 points.  Spartans’ Andy Topasna scored 6 points.
  • Barrigada Crusaders Edge 39, MCS Phoenix 28: Crusaders Edge’s Toby Babauta scored 13 points.  Phoenix’s Anna Salas scored 10 points.

14-Under Division

  • Team Elite 52, Inarajan Hawks 32: Elite’s Blaise Ada scored 13 points.  Hawks’ Jovin Terlaje and Joshua Vegarfria scored 13 points apiece.
  • Yona Spartans 47, Sinajana Rockers White 34: Spartans’ Franklin “Spider” Ninete scored a game-high 20 points.  Rockers White’s Justin Lizama scored 18 points in the loss.
  • Sinajana Rockers Green 49, Barrigada Crusaders Gray 33:  Rockers Green’s Kriston Guzman scored 15 points. Crusaders Gray’s Ronnie Cruz scored 19 points.  
  • MCS Phoenix 55, Barrigada Crusaders Red 29: Phoenix’s Eli Ogo scored 14 points and teammate Javier Camacho scored 13 points.  Crusaders Reds’ Taneea Henderson scored 17 points.  
  • Blue Devils 53, Team Unity 27: Blue Devils’ Jacob Miranda scored 12 points.  Unity’s Gerard Malana scored 6 points.  

16-Under Division

  • Yes Dear! 55 , Barrigada Crusaders 28: Yes Dear!’s Franklin Ninete scored 10 points and teammates Dkson Attan and Josh Sebastian scored 9 points each. Crusaders’ Taneea Henderson scored 7 points
  • Island Chiefs 46, Team Unity 32: Chiefs’ KR Alafonso scored 9 points. Unity’s Justin Pineda scored 15 points.
  • Sinajana Rockers 36, Yona Spartans 30: Rockers’ Marcus Camacho scored 20 points.  Spartans’ Brennan Cruz scored 9 points.

For more information, please contact league coordinator, Vincent Duenas at 486-4336 or