Sinajana Mayor & GCC assist WWII survivors file war claims


Last week the Guam Community College and the Sinajana Mayor’s office began assisting survivors of World WarII with their war claims applications.

GCC department chairman for criminal justice and social sciences Pete Roberto says that they held a week-long process that utilized volunteers from GCC and the Mayor’s office to interview and assist survivors and family members who are assisting survivors. Roberto says it was the mayor’s office who reached out to GCC to assist them.

“I’m very happy that he reached out to us because one of the initiatives with the department is social justice and so involving our students our faculty and our staff together with volunteers from the villages is really a big help. Helping our elders complete these applications so that the commission can do the review and process their claims on time,” said Roberto.

WWII survivor Jose Torres told PNC, “Because of this incident we had to kind of relate back to the happening of the WWII survivors and that brings back some of the memories we really don’t want to think about.”

Torres thanked Sinajana Mayor Robert Hoffman for assisting the WWII survivors in his village with the war claims.