Sinajana Mural Filled with Iconic Imagery


Guam – The Guam visitor’s bureau and the Sinajana mayor’s office unveiled the “We are Sinajana” village mural Tuesday.


The mural is right near the corner house of Chalan Kanton Tatujan and Papato Lane. It’s the twelfth mural to be completed with the We Are Guam Village Mural Project. Benson’s Hardware and the Mikel Tan Foundation donated all paints and supplies for all of the village murals.

The mural was designed by Sinajana’s very own cultural artist Raph Unpingo.

“I have the ‘chinahan’ the traditional way of cooking they believe it’s what the name ‘Sinajana’ comes from ‘chinahana’. Also there are a series of houses from left to right, it goes in our transition in time from thatched roof huts to cement buildings and bricked walls and all that,” explained Unpingco.

The mural also depicts Sinajana’s Church of St. Jude as well as other icons related to the central village.