‘Sip & Paint’ at the Guam Brewery Tap House

Sip & Paint at the Guam Brewery and Tap House

PNC joined in on the fun at the Guam Brewery Tap House’s Sip & Paint Night. Happening every Tuesday night, folks who registered for the event get to unleash their creative side while sipping on a pint of a refreshing Guam craft beer.

If you’re new to the craft and are curious about tapping into your creative side, don’t worry. Artists from Art Beat Guam will assist you in the process.

So, enjoy a fun-filled night at Sip and Paint! Hurry and reserve your spot before it’s sold out. For reservations, CONTACT them by DM ON INSTAGRAM @GUAMBREWERY, or email info@theguambrewery.com, or call 686-8604.