Sirahanu Reinstates as a Port Officer and Recieves Back Pay in Legal Fees

Port Authority of Guam administration building. (PNC file photo)

Sirahanu and soon-to-be Port Officer Frank San Nicolas is not only getting his job back as a Port Officer.

He will also be receiving a significant amount in back pay and in legal fees as well.

Reporting on this story is PNC’s Don Sulat

Rory Respicio, General Manager of the Port Authority of Guam said, “I’m not only bringing him back, but also to bring him back to reinstate him as though he never left.”

The Sirahanu is set to receive over $156k in back pay from the Port, as well as an estimated $40k for legal fees.

Frank “Ko” San Nicolas was acquitted twice by a jury of his peers.

Originally on trial for rape, San Nicolas was let go by the Port back in 2020.

Port General Manager, Rory Respicio told the Board and PNC, that San that the decision to fire San Nicolas was based on Magistrate’s complaints and Court Order prohibiting him from carrying a firearm.

Following San Nicolas’s acquittal, Respicio told PNC that the “Port counsel recommended we move to address the obvious next step to avoid costly litigation if we refused to recognize that he was found innocent twice.”

A sentiment shared by San Nicolas’s Attorney, Joaquin Arriola.

Arriola told PNC that, “Frank San Nicolas is and was entitled to the presumption of innocence when he was charged and terminated by the Port.”

As for why the Port decided to do a public discussion on how to address the situation, instead of an executive session, Respicio says that they “felt it was in the best interest of transparency.”

Reporting for the Pacific News Center.
I’m Don Sulat

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