Six Bomb Threats Reported at Different Schools Today


To date, law enforcement officials responded to a total of 16 bomb threats at local schools.

Guam – It was one bomb threat after another at various local schools in the past couple of weeks. Today, however, there were five bomb threats at five different schools all in a day.

It started with Benavente Middle School this morning at about 8:38 am. This is the first bomb threat for BMS.
Then about an hour later, the Guam Police Department reported another next bomb threat, this time, at Southern High School…again. Today’s bomb threat is the fifth bomb threat for Southern High this month.
A SHS students says, “I feel like it’s disrupts my education and detrimental to our learning time. It not only wastes the student’s time but also the hardworking teachers and staff and also the important resources we need in case a real bomb threat occurs. It sends a sense of distress to the community what’s going to happen to us and our safety.”
Another student from Southern explains, “The bomb threat is very disruptive, it’s unnecessary. It interferes with education in our schools like we’re not able to learn what we’re supposed to because of these pranks.”
Just before 1 pm, Inarajan Middle School, Inarajan Elementary School and Simon Sanchez High School were also evacuated…all due to bomb threats.
According to Guam Police Department Acting Spokesman Officer Paul Tapao, as a precautionary measure all students and school officials were evacuated and sweeps were conducted at the five schools, which all resulted in negative findings and students were able to return to classes.
Police say they are still following up on leads in the bomb threats on Southern High School, but they made headway in the investigation of the threats on Agueda and Inarajan Middle Schools. Five girls were taken into custody. A boy was taken in for announcing he was going to bomb Simon Sanchez High, but police don’t believe he’s the person who made the bomb threats to the school.
Students from both Sanchez and Southern are saying enough is enough. Student Body Association President Gian Paras uploaded this video on YouTube, which is a compilation of students speaking out against the recent bogus bomb threats calling the threats disruptive, affecting their chances of graduating and immature.
SSHS students say, “These threats are not to be taken lightly.
Students, faculty and staff come to school in fear.
Government resources are being used excessively.
Policies and dress codes are being changed mid-year because of actions by certain individuals
It’s just unfair.
It’s embarrassing to be the first school to pull the bomb threat. I don’t think it’s necessary for people to joke around like that. Yes it’s unfair for people who want to learn and finish their future and all of that.”
For all island schools, this month alone there have been 15 bomb threats.


  1. It’s obvious that those who are responsible for the many bomb threats don’t have any consideration for the students and staff of the schools affected. They obviously have some type of grievance for all the years spent attending school but never succeeding. They aren’t the ones who are wanting to work hard in school so that they can have a secure job in the future. They’re probably angry that school to them was or is a complete waste of time. They wasted time in school and now what do they have to show for it? Maybe a Quest card and other government assistance but lack the skills necessary to find and keep a job. These cowards think that they’re outsmarting the police and fire personnel that have to report to the schools when there is a bomb scare. Do they realize that someone may be in dire need of of medical assistance or are victims of crimes? They’re selfish and filled with hate. I’m sick and tired about all these bomb scares and I’m sure the community is too. The only way to send a strong message is to apprehend these idiots and put them away for a long time.

  2. I saw the youtube video qualifying numerous students venting against the BOMB threatener; it was quite informative. The Video HIGHLIGHTS THE FACT: all the students who commented were GIRLS. Only 2 males made comments. Well, GQPUBLIC further confused about the Male student body: NO BACK BONE, NO MOTIVATION, NO FUTURE AWARENESS, NO….. Well, GQPUBLIC respects those young ladies for their strong comments and stance on these Bomb threats. Its says a lot about their goals and bravery. GQPUBLIC recognizes the high percentage of women that hold high administrative /management positions in GovGuam. Yes, have to wonder what motivates the male mentality! Family name, coon-nection, kiss the B__t, The local youth are the ones that have to step up to the plate. These bomb threats are an extended form of BULLY-ISM. Ignorant, lazy individuals, lacking in self esteem and basically sheep followers. Clearly, parents are aloof to the predicament; they are surely NOT COMMUNICATING WITH THEIR KIDS INQUIRING ABOUT THEIR POSSIBLE KNOWLEDGE OF THESE EVENTS.

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