Sixth accusation against Apuron emerges

The Vatican has removed former Archbishop Anthony Apuron from office. (PNC file photo)

Guam – Former Archbishop Anthony Apuron has yet another accuser filing a sex abuse lawsuit against him, and this one has some pretty chilling details about the experience.

The victim, only identified by the initials D.M., does not reveal his current age but says he was 14 or 15 years old when he underwent the traumatic experience that would affect him for the rest of his life.

D.M. is a resident of Saipan who came to Guam for the sole purpose of attending Father Duenas Memorial School for schoolyear 1994-1995. One weekend a month, the young boy would travel back to his home island. During the week, D.M. slept at the seminary adjacent to the high school. But on the weekends he stayed on Guam, the teenager slept at Archbishop Apuron’s private residence in Agana Heights. There he learned that he would be rooming with another freshman from Saipan.

In D.M.’s first weekend at Apuron’s residence, his roommate was in Saipan. It was during this time that the victim alleges that Apuron sexually assaulted him. Court documents state that Apuron at first fondled the boy while he was asleep but returned to the bedroom hours later and raped him. D.M. says he yelled for the archbishop to stop, but Apuron continued.

Unfortunately, that incident was just the beginning. D.M. claims that Apuron continued to sexually abuse him for the remainder of the schoolyear. D.M. did not return to FDMS the following year.

The victim says the abuse he suffered at the hands of the archbishop changed his life. He says he had issues with education as he was unable to finish law school or graduate school. D.M. also believes the experience led him on the path to drinking.

D.M.’s complaint does not specify a dollar amount in damages, leaving that to the court’s discretion should he win his case.

This is the sixth lawsuit against the former Archbishop for Guam’s Archdiocese.