Skydrenaline Offers Feeling of Flight in Controlled Environment


Guam’s first vertical wind tunnel offers skydiving experience in an indoor setting

Guam – How does it feel to fly?

That’s something you can experience soon at Skydrenaline Zone, the latest tourist attraction to come to Guam. Using a vertical wind tunnel system Skydrenaline promises the thrill of skydiving in a controlled indoor environment. Flight Instructor John Suiter says it’s as easy as riding a bicycle

“Learning to ride a bicycle can be difficult in the beginning but once you get the balance it’s pretty easy,” Suiter told PNC.

Every customer at Skydrenaline is first shown the body positions for flying. Then the flight instructor demonstrates how changes in your position can control where you move in the tunnel.

“It’s almost like a sail,” Suiter explained.

Winds in excess of 120mph lift customers into the air but at the end of the flight they’re lowered to where they can stand-up and exit the tunnel.

Owner Tim Ohno says this type of skydiving is safe even for children. According to Ohno local rates will be offered at Skydrenaline as well.