Sling Guam launches Global Virtual Sling Challenge Tournament

Guam Slingers Ben "Guelu" Rosario, Roman Dela Cruz, Josiah Perez, and Brandi Jae Aguon, competed at the Tir de Fona Internacionale V, Slingstone Tournament, Spain in 2018

Sling Guam, Guam Gear, The Learn CHamoru Project has launched it’s Global Virtual Sling Challenge Tournament.   A global fundraiser for The Learn CHamoru Project to continue their mission to help the youth of their Island to practice, protect, and promote the Chamoru Language, History.  Executive director of Learn Chamorro Troy Aguon gave PNC Sports a rundown on the tournament details.  CLICK VIDEO BELOW FOR THE STORY. PLUS PNC Sports “Class of 2020 Athletes” Montage.


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