Slow start for parking lot masses; adjustments to be made

Parking lot mass

It was a slow start for the parking lot masses at the island’s Catholic Churches.

Pale Mike Crisostomo said they were hoping for a greater turnout, but for the most part, the masses went well.

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A few adjustments will have to be made in the weeks ahead like where to put the collection boxes and the hand sanitizers.

He also emphasized that it’s important to maintain the sacredness of the ceremony.

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“This is not a drive-through opportunity like going through Wendy’s or McDonald’s. We are actually receiving the Lord in the body of Christ. So people kind of lost that. And they felt awkward,” Crisostomo said.

Pale Mike expressed the hope that Catholics will soon be able to celebrate mass again from inside the church.

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“If GPO and other large buildings can open, I don’t see why we can’t. The church has done so much to ensure the safety precautions and wearing the mask, and six feet distancing. I think that the church is just as essential as any business out there if not more so,” Crisostomo said.

The resumption of masses celebrated inside the Church is up to the Governor, Public Health and the Archbishop to work out, said Pale Mike. But he hopes they can resolve the issue soon.