‘Smart Snacks’ shelf tags added to Guam grocery stores

Smart Snack “wobblers” are now on shelves at all Pay-Less locations, and soon to be in Cost-U-Less stores and several mom-and-pop stores, to help shoppers spot foods that meet the national school nutrition standards.

Grocery shoppers may have noticed some bright new “Smart Snacks” tags drawing attention to certain items in stores. The tags indicate food and beverage products and ingredients that meet the national school nutrition standards for fat, added sugar, sodium, and calories for child-sized servings.

The Smart Snacks labels are part of the “5-2-1-Almost None” community campaign, led by the Guam Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – Education (SNAP-Ed) through the University of Guam’s Cooperative Extension and Outreach unit, to encourage healthy food and physical activity choices. The campaign recommends five servings of fruits and vegetables, less than two hours of screen time, at least one hour of physical activity, and almost no sugary drinks per day.

“The tags are a convenient and easy way to help parents, kids, and the public in general make better food choices,” said Tanisha F. Aflague, the SNAP-Ed coordinator who is also a registered dietitian with a doctorate in nutrition.

The SNAP-Ed team, in collaboration with the Department of Public Health and Social Services, has placed the Smart Snacks labels throughout all Pay-Less stores and upon PCOR3 will have them in all 17 partner stores of the 5-2-1-Almost None campaign, which include all three Cost-U-Less locations, Tutujan Quick Stop in Sinajana, Island Pantry in Yigo, Paulino’s Store in Talofofo, and Agat KimChee Store.

“Pay-Less welcomed the partnership with 5-2-1-Almost None as our missions perfectly aligned,” said Cena Sarosa, promotions ambassador at Pay-Less Markets Inc., which has launched a Health Smart program, which includes “Chagi” videos on Facebook Live, to educate the community on nutritious eating and fitness. “We truly believe in the power of partnership as we work together to make Guam a healthier, happier community.”

Recipes for making homemade Smart Snacks and other healthy meals as well as virtual store tours, cooking demonstrations, and workshops are posted regularly on the Community Nutrition Education Programs Facebook page (@UOGCNEP) and on the Pay-Less Supermarkets Facebook page (@PayLessMarkets). Recipes for healthy meals are also available on the Pay-Less Supermarkets website at https://www.paylessmarkets.com/chagi-recipes.

(UOG News Release)