Smart Town gives back to the community


This holiday season, the SMART TOWN team has continued their long tradition of giving back to the community with a raffle, which customers can now participate in.

Annie Chun, Owner of Smart Town says, “Every year we try to give back to the community, so this year what we decided to do is have a raffle where the customer would purchase the raffle tickets and with all the proceeds that come in we would collect it and give it out to all the non-profit organization that we’ve selected.”

The non-profit organizations that have been selected include the Korean Women Association, Guahan Paws for Pets which focuses on spaying and neutering animals as well as Harvest House which provides necessities for foster children on the island.

Smart Town opened its doors back in 2016, for those seeking cute phone cases and electronic products.

However, as time went out owners, Annie and Philip Chun brought in more things with every customer’s request as part of their mission to bring good quality products to your home.

With their growth came new items such as K-pop merchandise, anime products, and B21 among others, and the opening of a second location in the Agana Shopping Center.

Chun says, “The journey so far has been really really fun, we’ve been having ups and downs like any other business would but we’ve maintained, we’ve stayed strong and we do our best to satisfy our customers and what they’re looking for and enjoy while we’re doing it.”

Customers can participate in the raffle all the way till December 31st.

She continued, “We also want our customers to participate in this donation in this giving back because we can just do it ourselves, but while the customers are participating they could also have that gift of sharing during this holiday season and I think that’s why it’s so meaningful that we open it up to our customers.”

As the new year approaches, Smart Town plans on bringing more items in as more and more K-pop artists debut while finding new vendors that will keep up with new items coming in for their customers.

Philip Chun, owner says, “Thank you for loving KPOP and Korean merchandise and also Japanese merchandise and products. That’s what we are here for, so we always support the customers, so with every customer request we try to find as much as we can of course we do our best so anything customers want and we don’t have in Guam then you can always ask us and we check with our Japanese and Korean suppliers.”

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