Smith Held on Half-Million Cash Bail; Pipe Allegedly Used in Cruz Murder


Guam – 40 year old Roland San Nicolas Smith is being held on a $500-thousand dollar cash bail after he was magistrate Monday on murder charges in the death of his common law wife Amanda Marie Tedtaotao Cruz.

According to the magistrates complaint, the couple’s 11 year old son witnessed the altercation that resulted in his mother’s death Sunday.

“Upon arrival of the police officers” states the declaration attached to the complaint, “they met with an 11 year old, male minor … who informed  officers that his parents … got into an argument and both of them were seriously injured.”

The complaint also reveals that a metal pipe was allegedly used by Smith to strike Tedtaotao in the head. “Smith did knowingly and unlawfully possess and use a deadly weapon, that is a pipe, in the commission of … Murder,” states that complaint.

Read the Magistrate’s Complaint            

Police arrived at 137 Osborn Street in Agat at 1:09 pm Sunday afternoon after receiving a complaint about a domestic disturbance.

Tedtaotao was found in the master bedroom. She had an injury to her right hand and “her head was bleeding profusely.”  She was still alive and conscious and told Police that she had “informed Smith that she wanted to go home and that Smith called her into the bedroom to talk and upon entering the room, Smith beat her up and beat her with a stick.”

“Tedtaotao stated that this was the first time that Smith had ever hit her and that she does not know what prompted the attack. Officers ceased the interview as Tedtaotao’s condition worsened.”

The complaint also states that Smith’s father, Johnny T. Charfauros was in the home as well. Charfauros told police that upon hearing the altercation inside the master bedroom he knocked on the door and ordered his son to open it.  Smith complied and walked from the bedroom to the kitchen and returned to the bedroom with a knife.

Charfauros says he then saw his son “trying to cut his wrist.”  Charfauros cut his thumb and index finger trying to grab the knife away from his son.

Smith then left “the bedroom, and walked towards the dinning room, still holding the knife,” while Charfauros continued his efforts to take the knife away “from Smith, who then tried to cut his throat.”

Shortly afterwards, police arrived and observed Smith “holding a knife which he then placed in the kitchen sink … Smith was noted to be bleeding profusely from his neck.”

The metal pipe, with suspected blood stains was found in a closet.

Smith is scheduled to appear in Superior Court again on October 21 at 4 pm before Judge Anita Sukola.