Public Health Gets $173K Bonus for Improvements In SNAP Program


Guam – Guam’s Department of  Health got an award today [Tuesday] for the improvements it has made in the administration and delivery of the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program. It used to be called the Food Stamp Program but it is now known as SNAP.

The Regional Administrator of the  SNAP program, Allen Ng presented a bonus check of more than $173-thousand dollars to Governor Felix Camacho and Public Health Director Pete Roberto at Adelup this morning .

The check is Guam’s reward for having one of the nation’s  Most Improved Accuracy Rates  for the disbursement of food assistance. Ng praised Public Health Administrators for reducing the error rate. 

37-thousand island residents receive $8-point-2 million dollars a month in federal food assistance. That represents 25%  of the island’s population.