SNIP Clinic is still Accepting Patients


Still looking for a way to get your pet spayed or neutered? Look no further as the SNIP Clinic is still open and accepting patients.

As PNC previously reported – the SNIP Clinic is an affordable spay & neuter program by the GAIN Animal Shelter.

The price for spaying or neutering your pet is $50. The SNIP Clinic, which sees about 15-18 pets a day also has add-ons aside from spaying and neutering–such as a rabies vaccine for $10, flea/tick treatment for $20, and e-collars for $15.

In an interview with PNC, Alison Hadley–the Executive Director for GAIN, gave updates on how the SNIP Clinic is going.

Hadley said, “We just completed our 1,000th surgery within the last two days. So that was exciting. And it’s the 1,000th surgery for this cohort of the clinic. Since the clinic opened in 2017, there’s been I think a little over 3,000. But obviously, we didn’t have as much vet presence back then as we do now. So we’ve been able to move much faster.”

Before getting your pet spayed or neutered, Hadley advises the animal to not eat the morning of the surgery, to let the doctors know of their pet’s quirks, and also to make sure they are free of fleas/ticks.

Volunteers foster and those looking to adopt are also welcome.

Director Hadley said, “If you’re interested in volunteering with the clinic, you can reach out to them and let them know and on the shelter’s side we are also looking for fosters, volunteers, that good stuff. We are still open for adoptions and all that good stuff so just give us a call or find us on social media and let us know if you have any questions.”

The SNIP Clinic is also selling shirts–which can help sponsor an animal’s treatment.

Rachel Gonzalez, a staff member of the SNIP Clinic said, “We now have t-shirts available for purchase anytime the clinic is open. We have both a black dri-fit and a fun colorful tye dye option in sizes small to 2XL. One shirt is $30 or you can purchase 2 for $50 and sponsor a spay and neuter surgery for someone in financial need.”

Interested pet parents can visit the SNIP Clinic’s website at and book an appointment or give them a call at 671-653-4246 or 671-653-6717.

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