So did Speaker Terlaje meet with doctors to discuss Bill 112?

Atty. Edward Lear, a California lawyer hired by radiologist Dr. Nathaniel Berg, said he was not picking between the two sides, but just analyzing Bill 112. (PNC photo)

More information has surfaced with regard to the infamous lawyer outburst that occurred at the Guam Legislature on Monday.

During the second public hearing for the controversial Bill 112 — the medical malpractice bill introduced by Speaker Therese Terlaje — those for and against the bill made their arguments.

During the hearing, Atty. Edward Lear caused the now infamous commotion by continuing to speak even after his allotted time had passed.

Lear, a California lawyer hired by radiologist Dr. Nathaniel Berg, said he was not picking between the two sides, he was just analyzing Bill 112.

In an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo, Lear talked about his statements toward the Speaker as he was being escorted out of the Legislature’s public hearing room, trying to confirm a meeting that was supposedly held between doctors and the Speaker to come up with a new solution to the issue.

“If you watched, you might’ve heard me say, again as I was being escorted out, ‘Senator please confirm that you met with the doctors. Please confirm that there is a proposed solution on the board. Please confirm that it involves notification of grievance, mediation, arbitration, and travel.’ I was trying to get the Senator to commit that there is a proposed solution, that is different from the bill, so that the discussion can be based upon that 4-pronged solution,” Lear said.

Nurse Carla Haddock said in a separate interview with Patti Arroyo that she, along with Dr. Vincent Duenas and Dr. Joleen Aguon, did have a virtual meeting with the Speaker to come up with a new solution to medical malpractice.

“Yes absolutely, in fact there were two meetings. After the first public hearing, the Speaker, in good faith, reached out to Dr. Vinny Duenas and Dr. Joleen Aguon, about their testimonies and asked to sit down to meet. She invited those two to a Zoom meeting on Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. I actually joined in on the meeting because I knew a little bit about the issue and they wanted to ask me for support,” Haddock said.

They supposedly agreed on a 4-pronged solution that had members of the medical community excited. However, during the public hearing on Monday, Speaker Terlaje did not acknowledge that the meeting took place.

According to an anonymous source, Speaker Terlaje expressed “extreme displeasure” with Haddock talking to the media.


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