So who contacted whom in the ongoing Bill 112 controversy?

Guam's medical community joined forces to present a united front to speak out against Bill 112. (PNC video capture)

During the heated debate over Bill 112, the medical community and the senators who support the bill have made contradictory claims over their attempts to reach out to the other side.

As the medical community and the senators who support the bill have dug in their heels, there have been several calls for both sides to work together and solve the problem Bill 112 aims to address.

However, there have been contradictory claims on both sides regarding attempts to reach out to the other side.

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On Monday, members of the medical community held a press conference to oppose the bill.

The same day, Senator Terlaje issued a statement saying: “There are several doctors who are very vocal, who have canceled meetings or told me. They would be in Hawaii and could not meet… while some never requested to meet with me and are demanding I ‘finally’ meet with them. My door remains open… and I will continue to discuss this with doctors and patients.”

However, members of the panel said that Senator Terlaje was the one not available to meet with the medical community in spite of several attempts to do so.

The panel also said they invited Terlaje to their press conference.

PNC attended the conference and can confirm that the senator did not attend.

In light of these contradictions, PNC reached out to both sides, seeking evidence in the form of emails, or other communications, that could confirm the number of times each side attempted to reach out to the other as well as the dates and times of such attempts.

PNC reached out to Dr. Thomas Shieh, one of the bill’s most vocal critics, as well as Senators Terlaje and Telo Taitague who are among the co-sponsors of the bill.

No documentation from either side was provided as of newstime.

Dr. Shieh did reply to PNC and continued his claims stating that Senator Terlaje did not reach out, stating, “Her intent again is to mislead the public. The healthcare chair has never tried to contact us or ask for recommendations, prior to her introduction of Bill 112.”

Senator Terlaje’s office did not respond to PNC’s inquiries.

Senator Taitague’s office said they were preparing a response but that response was not received as of newstime.