Social media pics reveal raw meat sitting outside of Vietnamese restaurant


Pictures circulating on social media show meat products soaking outside in what appears to be the back of Pho Saigon 2 restaurant. Public Health says they are looking into the matter.

Guam – Food-borne illnesses, sanitation issues, and other risk factors are just a few hazards the Department of Public Health is trying to prevent with each and every food establishment inspection.

But in the past week, Public Health has had no choice but to extend closures for a few vendors due to some egregious sanitation issues. Some establishments are repeat offenders.

For Verona Resort and Spa, the hotel that made headlines on their widespread rodent and cockroach infestation, a second inspection took place on the December 29. According to Tom Nadeau, Public Health’s Chief Inspector, the follow-up inspection was at the behest of the resort owners.

Viewers may recall that Verona’s pest problem was so pervasive that the hotel had no choice but to shut down their first eight floors. It appears this violation is also still an issue.

“They did not address all the violations,” Nadeau admits. “So, we were not able to basically open up all those floors.”

In fact, some of the same issues persisted. Marilou Scroggs, one of the health inspectors tells PNC that the linens and bedding in particular were not kept clean from urine, filth, or other foul matter.

“The main issue [in the lobby] is we still observed cockroach activities in hallways and some of the rooms,” Scroggs tells PNC in an interview.

But Verona wasn’t the only establishment with pest problems. The 7 day Supermarket in Dededo was also shut down for repeat offenses. In her report, Scroggs writes, “A single rodent dropping found on the retail floor next to the display chiller…Some feedings on baits placed on the first floor and second floor warehouses were found.” She continues saying, “it appears that active rodent activity persists.”

And now just recently, a picture circulating on social media shows yet another food establishment apparently defrosting meat products in what appears to be the back of Pho Saigon 2 restaurant. Nadeau says an inspection will be held for the eatery tomorrow.

As for the repeat offenders, Scroggs says Public Health will have to wait and see if the establishments are ready for another inspection.