Soil and Water Conservation Districts Ask for Feedback From Mayors


Guam – Representatives from the Guam Soil and Water Conservation Districts spoke at the Guam Mayors’ Council meeting today to ask for feedback on soil and water issues Guam’s Villages face.


The District Directors are hoping that farmers will fill out Needs Assessment Forms that the mayors have been provided with.  The forms are not required but Northern District Chairman Roland Quintugua says the feedback will help determine what the needs around the island are.

“I’m not going to promise that we can solve all your problems because some may be out of reach,” Quintugua explained to the Mayors this morning. “We’re going to take everyone’s problems, put them together, categorize them so they are similar, and see if we can handle at least the low hanging fruits.”

Agat mayor Carol Tayama told Quintugua that she believes erosion is the biggest soil-related problem facing her village.

“I don’t know if you’ve been to Nimitz Beach,” Tayama said.  “At Nimitz Beach and San Francisco [street], everywhere I’ve got erosion problems.”

Quintugua says residents who are not farmers are also encouraged to fill out the Needs Assessment Forms, available at their mayors office.