Solar energy coming to Guma Trankilidat senior housing center

Guma Trankilidat’s senior residents will be part of a clean and renewable legacy for the island’s descendants. (GHURA photo)

The Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority (GHURA) has announced a pilot program to bring solar energy to the first of its underserved communities.

Specifically, GHURA will be issuing a Request for Proposal to explore solar options for its Guma Trankilidat senior housing development in Tumon, where the agency currently pays for all residential utilities.

GHURA anticipates the RFP’s public release before the end of October 2020.

On September 23, 2020, Governor Leon Guerrero and Lt. Governor Tenorio signed the Guam Green Growth (G3) Action Framework, launching the most comprehensive action plan ever created to achieve a sustainable future for Guam.

As a G3 Working Group member, GHURA assisted in developing the Sustainable Homes, Utilities and Transportation portion of the framework and included the following goal: “By 2030, building affordable homes should utilize recent breakthroughs in new construction technology.”

Recent breakthroughs must include the use of renewable energy technology in new homes. Through this new solar energy RFP, the housing authority will contribute to this G3 goal, as well as help Guam achieve 100% renewable energy production by 2045 as mandated through Public Law 35-46, signed by GovernorLeon Guerrero on November 2019.

Guma Trankilidat’s senior residents will be part of a clean and renewable legacy for the island’s descendants.

“We are extremely excited to explore options to bring renewable energy technology to our low to moderate-income families with the hope of reducing operating costs associated with our housing programs. This pilot project will be the first of many efforts to make GHURA more sustainable and contribute to the Guam Green Growth Action Framework. Our next steps will include bringing solar energy to our 750 public housing families. One of the commitments in the Governor’s Platform was to explore renewable energy opportunities for GovGuam and this will be the first of many steps toward achieving that goal,” says GHURA Executive Director Ray Topasna.

Aligned with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the G3 Initiative cultivates an ecosystem for transformative action to achieve a more sustainable, prosperous, and equitable future for our island. G3 is facilitated by the UOG Center for Island Sustainability.

(GHURA News Release)