Solar power for GDOE gets support

Senator Telena Nelson (PNC file photo)

According to Guam Education Board Chairman Mark Mendiola, the Guam Department of Education spends $13 million a year to power the island’s schools.

Bill 196-35, introduced by Vice Speaker Telena Nelson, aims to enable GDOE, instead of the Guam General Services Agency, to handle the procurement of solar energy resources for Guam’s public schools. The bill received support from those who attended its public hearing yesterday.

According to Mendiola, savings from switching to solar energy would enable the department to focus on other areas of improvement.

“If we’re able to save a million dollars because of a reduction in energy consumption, conservation practices and also going into solar energy, then we can take those resources into the Guam Department of Education and build those walkways, those canopies for our kids. We just need that consistent revenue stream,” Mendiola said.

Energy conservation efforts have already been made at Carbullido Elementary School as well as George Washington and Southern High Schools.