Bill to Take GSA Out of Solar Panel Procurement for Schools Draws Criticism from Senator Ada


Ada doesn’t think taking GSA out would expedite procurement.

Guam – Speaker Judi Won Pat’s Bill to take the General Services Agency out of the procurement process for the purchase of solar at the Department Of Education drew support from DOE and renewable energy companies today but received criticism from Senator Tom Ada.

“Everybody’s chasing their tails and to think that introducing a bill that simply takes GSA out of the picture, I don’t believe does anything,” Senator Ada said during a Public Hearing this afternoon.

The law was enacted more than a year ago but no solar panels have been procured to date. While GSA and DOE have failed to work together to procure security equipment in another procurement measure, Senator Ada said the GSA isn’t the only one to blame on the solar procurement

“DOE hasn’t defined what it wants and so again taking GSA out of the picture and thinking that this is going to fix it I dont think that its going to,” Ada said

Guam Renewable Energy Association President Jeffrey Voacolo testified in favor of the bill and told Ada he would support any effort to speed the procurement effort up.

DOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez submitted written testimony in support of the measure. Fernandez wrote that he believes it is more efficient for DOEto handle procurement of its good and services internally.



  1. What is Tom Ads smoking?
    It is ridiculous that it’s been eight months since both the school system and the General Services Agency (GSA) announced they would move forward with procurement of security systems for our schools and still nothing concrete has been done to make our schools safer.
    Now Tom Ads wants to commit the time-urgent procurement of solar panels for the schools to the very same GSA?
    Not without some changes at GSA first. The Legislature should add language to this bill abolishing the position of Procurement Advisor aka Procurement Counsel aka Administrative Counsel established by P.L.31-93. Do that, and you will light a fire under the other officials at GSA resulting in this procurement moving forward expeditiously. Not incidentally, abolishing this position would save the taxpayers $168,273.01 per year, the amount the incumbent of this position has been pulling down. Go to: http: // and scroll down to GSA

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