Some DOC inmates refuse to eat ‘spoiled food’

Department of Corrections (PNC file photo)

Dinner at the Department of Corrections is not always the finest food served on island.

And last Wednesday it didn’t meet the standards of some the inmates locked up in Post 17. That’s where the high-security prisoners reside.

What they got was tuna macaroni with mixed vegetables, a dinner roll, and pineapple and watermelon for dessert.

They didn’t like it, saying it smelled and was spoiled. About 30 of the prisoners refused to eat it, according to DOC Major Antone Aguon.

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“The supervisor came in, looked at the food, and eventually determined that the food was not spoiled. Some of the inmates went ahead and ate the food even before the issue came up. Others went ahead and ate it after the supervisor assured that it was not spoiled. Some of them still refused to eat it. The meals are served to all 600-plus inmates. And no inmates showed any signs of illness or exposure to bad food,” Aguon said.

A company called S and H now provides the food at DOC. If they serve a spoiled meal, they are required to replace it at no cost.

But in this case, the food was not spoiled, said Aguon, so there was no reimbursement or replacement meal served.