Some flooding and downed trees but little else in Typhoon Bualoi’s wake


A lot of rain and gusty winds reported in the CNMI as Typhoon Bualoi passed over the commonwealth Monday night into Tuesday morning.

However there have been no reports of serious damage or injury. The storm crossed the island chain well north of the more populated islands of Tinian and Saipan.

The National Weather Service in Tiyan reports that as of 4AM Tuesday morning the eye of typhoon Bualoi passed about 5 miles northeast of Anatahan, heading northwest into the Philippine Sea.

The NWS cancelled the Typhoon Warnings for both Saipan and Tinian Tuesday morning.

In Rota CNMI government offices and schools were re-opened Tuesday, but schools and government offices on Saipan and Tinian remained closed for a second day.

Saipan resident Brad Ruszala reports lots of heavy rain overnight that caused some localized flooding Tuesday.

The power stayed on, said Ruszala but water service was shut down deliberately as a precaution. It was being gradually restored Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile the Federal Emergency Management Agency has announced that federal emergency aid will be made available to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands to supplement commonwealth and local response efforts to the emergency conditions in the area affected by Typhoon Bualoi.