Some hotels not responding to vaccine tourism inquiries

Tumon skyline (PNC file photo)

The Guam Visitors Bureau’s vaccine tourism program has been officially launched and Guam’s tourist markets are responding favorably to the program.

But what good would this be if delays and bottlenecks come from the local end of the program?

This was tackled during Thursday’s GVB board meeting after GVB President Carl Gutierrez disclosed that a number of hotels have not been answering vaccine tourism inquiries.

“As a test, we made some calls to local hotels inquiring about vaccine tourism and a number of them have not been responsive. Several hotels transferred us and we never got anywhere,” Gutierrez lamented.

He added that some hotels don’t even know what vaccine tourism is all about and didn’t know what to do when inquiries about vaccine tourism were made.

Gutierrez did say that Pacific Islands Club and the Hyatt were very responsive and helpful when vaccine tourism inquiries were made at their hotels.

But GVB members pointed out that the heads of PIC and the Hyatt belong to the Reopening Task Force and are thus well-apprised of the latest developments, which they can then transmit to their hotels’ rank and file.

To remedy this, GVB members suggested a stronger communication and information campaign to make island hotels more aware of vaccine tourism.

GVB also plans to reach out to the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association to help increase awareness of vaccine tourism.