Some residents not satisfied with GFD response in Cross Island fire

Oscar Calvo, a Cross Island Road resident, said: "I'm immune to this fire... almost every year. But this is the first time that I've ever really had this problem."

Smoke could still be seen in the mountains, near the Calvo Chapel on Cross Island Road today after a massive blaze yesterday.

But some residents are not satisfied with Guam Fire Department’s response efforts.

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Oscar Calvo, a Cross Island Road resident, said: “I’m immune to this fire… almost every year. But this is the first time that I’ve ever really had this problem.”

Calvo, whose house overlooks the open mountainside of Cross Island Road, says he knows fires in that part of the island are common. But he said he’s never waited so long for firefighters to take action.

The military veteran told PNC he first saw the fire around 6 a.m. yesterday morning in the large hills, further away from his home. Then around noon, the fire made its way to the ravine close by. That’s when he and neighbors began calling 911 for help.

He says some fire officials came to survey the area and take photos but they didn’t begin putting out the flames.

“So, I know that they can’t go deep into the jungle, I understand all that. But it shouldn’t be this close,” Calvo said.

According to Calvo, he kept calling several fire stations and even called the Office of Civil Defense to send for emergency help as the flames climbed closer to his home.

“It took that long. Why did I have to go to Civil Defense? Why did I have to keep calling 911? And it wasn’t just myself calling. People were calling around here,” Calvo said.

Eventually, the fire was right up against his chainlink fence and he and his son had to use their garden hose to try to keep the flames away.

Calvo says they were lucky three off-duty military members were passing by and sprung into action to help them.

“They were down there in the ravine. I was more worried about them than me. They were covering their face and it was really bad because of the smoke, you know. And I’m just saying to myself, I really appreciate those three guys. Wherever those three guys are and they see me or hear me, call me or call K57, they deserve something to their commander …. to say they did something worthwhile for the public,” Calvo said.

GFD, Navy Fire, a helicopter, and a tanker from Andersen Air Force Base all responded to the fire. Roads in the area were closed from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

If you happen to know the three military members who helped out, be sure to contact the Pacific News Center by calling the hotline at 777-7621 or sending a message through Whatsapp.