Some states report faulty coronavirus test kits; Guam yet to receive its kits


Some states are reporting that the newly developed coronavirus test kits are faulty.

Guam is among the jurisdictions scheduled to receive the kits. However, they are not expected to arrive until next week.

The test examines respiratory specimens from persons showing symptoms of the disease to determine whether the virus is present.

The faulty test kits are not showing false positive or false negative results, rather some of the kits are showing “inconclusive” results, said Public Health Director Lynda DeNorcey.

DeNorcey told K-57’s Andrea Pellacani that the CDC is aware of the problem and knows how to correct it. Anyone receiving a faulty kit is asked to send it back to CDC headquarters in Atlanta.

DeNorcey said that when Guam Public Health gets its kits they will have to run a validation test on them.

If the test proves it doesn’t work, DeNorcey said they will let the CDC know and send it back. The CDC will then replace it with a corrected version, she said.