Son of Guam Retires From United States Navy


Guam – Senator Rory Respicio, through the adoption of Resolution No. 14-31 (COR) recognized Machinist First Mate Ronald Chargualaf on the occasion of his retirement from the United States Navy. Chargualaf retired after twenty (20) years of service in the U.S. Armed Forces.

The retirement ceremony for Ronald Chargualaf was held on Friday, February 11, at the N-30 Auditorium located at 9549 Bainbridge Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia 23511.

Read Resolution 14-31

The resolution authored by Senator Respicio was hand-carried by Chargualaf’s parents, Kin and Dee Chargualaf, and his sister, Tamara Esteves, to the ceremony.

Over his twenty (20) year career, Chargualaf exemplified every aspect of the United States Navy’s core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment while directly and positively affecting and influencing the lives of over six-thousand (6,000) enlisted personnel and their families by either implementing strategies to improve living conditions, preparing them for enlistment in the United States Armed Forces, or providing upgrade training so that they may advance in their military careers.

For a copy of Resolution No. 14-31 (COR) – “Relative to commending and congratulating Ronald A. Chargualaf, Machinist Mate First Class (E-6), on the occasion of his retirement from the United States Navy; and to expressing a most sincere Un Dangolo Na Si Yu’os Ma’ase to him for his twenty (20) years of service to our country and our island”, please visit the Legislature’s website at