Songwriting and dance camp hosted by Project Inspire


Starting February 20th and 21st, Inspire 101, an after-school program will teach and engage the youth in finding a new creative outlet in songwriting and dance.

Jed, a local artist, songwriter, and producer among many other things in the entertainment industry will be spearheading the songwriting program along with a few guest instructors.

“I’m definitely going teach them my writing process but not to say that my writing process will be specific to them because they will figure out their writing process. I’m just gonna show them for what works for me and eventually, they’re going to try and apply it, and hopefully down the line they’ll figure out their writing process but even more in the writing process, I hope these kids find their voice when it comes to their art and when it comes to even just the way they write songs or the way they dance because everybody has their own style and my main goal is helping them figure it out themselves,” says Jed.

Jed told PNC that one of his goals for this program is to be able to provide the understanding that there are different facets of the music industry that can be explored which is why he will ensure that his lessons not only resonate with that but the guest instructors who come from different backgrounds.

Jed says, “I want to show them that, hey you’re not just a songwriter, you can be a producer, you’re not just a producer you can put together this event or be part of this event.”

During this 16-week long program, students interested in the songwriting class will be learning basic writing techniques, music terminology, performance, and aspects of music production.

Inspire 101 believes that sharing your story and emotions with the world, processing your personal experiences, tapping into your creativity, connecting with others, and inspiring and motivating is one of the reasons to learn songwriting.

“A lot of times we bubble ourselves just because of our environment but I want to show them that it doesn’t really matter where you’re from as long as you have good intent and the art is good and you prioritize the right things, I think you can get somewhere,” he continues.

As for those interested in dance, you will be learning basic fitness principles, dance terminology, choreography, and aspects of dance production.

The mission for both programs is as it stands; Love of Music and Love of Dance.

With both missions, the program strives to inspire self-confidence, self-esteem, discipline, and respect for the performing arts.

Jed adds that with the stigma of starting a career in the local entertainment industry, people should learn that despite the negativity, there are many doors that lead to opportunities you can achieve if you just start now, explore your options, and work towards a goal.

“We have some people into basketball or sports or football or soccer, like I have a background of Guam team in basketball, and a lot of these kids can imply that same mindset into just song wrong writing. Who knows what if basketball isn’t what they like or dance isn’t what they like and they like music, I just want to show them that there’s an option there granted there’s always a slippery slope there especially pursuing music locally from Guam but nothing is impossible,” Jed concludes.

If you are interested in signing up before the slots are filled and or for more information on both programs, visit

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