Sorensen Media Group launches Rainbow Radio


In honor of Pride Month, the Sorensen Media Group is introducing Rainbow Radio, an on-air segment focused on discussing issues involving the LGBTQ+ community.

Rainbow Radio will be hosted by Mama Char from the KAT as well as Shimmy and Izzy from Power98.

Through the show, they will explore what it was like to grow up queer, along with issues related to living as a member of the LGBTQ+ community on Guam.

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The show will be the first of its kind on Guam and they want it to act as a forum where everyone is welcome.

Izzy, one of the Rainbow Radio hosts, said: “The reason why I wanted to do it is because, one, it’s Pride Month and two, it’s something that I wanted to start because I have more free time and it’s just something we need in the community.”

Mama Char, Rainbow Radio host, said: “Everyone is welcome. All walks of life, all types of topics. Whether it’s negative or positive, if we could educate you, please educate us.”

Shimmy, Rainbow Radio host, said: “I want to bring a sense of closeness to the community. Like, we’re all together! Why do LGBTQI+ have to be here and heterosexuals have to be here? Why can’t we just all talk together? A place where we could fully express ourselves. I want it to be a place of unity, love, and positivity. That’s what I want to bring to the show.”

Rainbow Radio will air tomorrow night from 6 to 8 o’clock on K57.