Sorensen Media Group Launches NEW Fall Season September 21


Guam – SMG TV is proud to present some of the best new programs and old favorites returning to ABC7 and FOX6 beginning next week.

Listed below are the program titles, dates and times of the Guam airings.

ABC7 Premieres           Dates             Times
Dancing with the Stars                   9/21                        7-9pm

Castle                                            9/21                        9-10pm

Dancing with the Stars                   9/22                        7-9pm

*Detroit 1-8-7                               9/22                        9-10pm

The Middle                                    9/23                        7-7:30pm

*Better with You                           9/23                        7:30-8pm

Modern Family                              9/23                        8-3:30pm

Cougar Town                                 9/23                         8:30-9pm

*The Whole Truth                        9/23                          9-10pm

20/20                                            9/24                               9pm

AFHV                                           9/27                            7-8pm

Ext. Mkvr: Home Edtn.               9/27                              8-9pm

Desperate Housewives                  9/27                              9-10pm

Brothers & Sisters                        9/27                              10-11pm

*No Ordinary Family                   9/29                               7-8pm

Dancing Results show                   9/29                                8-9pm

*Italicized Programs denotes new series

FOX6 Premieres         Dates                     Times

Cops                                             9/12                                 8pm

AMW                                           9/12                                 9pm

House                                           9/21                                8-9pm

*Lone Star                                   9/21                                9-10pm

Glee                                             9/22                                  8-9pm

*Raising Hope                             9/22                                9-930pm

*Running Wilde                           9/22                              930-10pm

Hell’s Kitchen                              9/23                                  8-10pm

Human Target                              9/24                                      8pm

The Good Guys                            9/24                                       9pm

Simpsons                                     9/27                                       8pm

Cleveland Show                           9/27                                       9pm

Family Guy                                 9/27                                      930pm