Southern Link Repairs Successfully Completed, Without Another Spill


Guam – The Guam Waterworks Authority reports that a 36 inch force main sewer line that broke in September has been successfully completed without causing another sewer spill.

The repairs forced the shutdown of  the  Southern Link Lift Station [which is located in the Dos Amantes area of northern Guam] Wednesday night and prompted GWA to call on northern residents to conserve.

The repairs were successfully completed Thursday evening, the force main break has been repaired, and the Southern Link Lift Station is now back in full operation.

In a release, Consolidated Utility Services [CCU] General Manager John Benevente said “The installation went off without a hitch, and with no spill or danger to our environment and community.”

Benevente said  “We are so proud of our team who performed heroically in the field on this project.” He also said that  “many individuals deserve the credit for making this day a successful one for GWA divisions including our engineering, operations,  wastewater, our PMC Veolia, and our contractor Black Construction” he noted. 

“This was also a very useful exercise for our team as we successfully diverted wastewater from the north to central Guam” Benavente added.