Southern High students knew lockdown was coming, through Instagram

Southern High School (PNC file photo)

(This article was originally published on K57 on January 18, 2022.)

Due to a recent riot, Southern High School went into a modified lockdown.

The riot happened on Friday afternoon. Southern High administration reports they were able to deescalate the situation after alerting the Guam Fire Department and Guam Police Department, who arrived on-scene shortly thereafter.

“Due to the riot last Friday, and in line with the letter the Superintendent sent out to parents,” states Michelle Franquez, Public Information Officer for the Guam Department of Education, “the administrators took a proactive measure and planned a blanket search to ensure the events of last week would not be repeated today.”

The modified lockdown today was spurned from concern over retaliation and to neutralize possible threats at the school. Franquez states, “The SHS team was broken into teams that searched every student.”

The lockdown was initiated at 6:21 am and concluded at 9:45 am.

“No items of concern were found,” says Franquez, but it could have been because “students were aware of today’s search.”

A SHS staff member confirms, “It circled around Instagram.”

Upset among parents and teachers

(This part of the article was written today.)

The staff member also reports receiving angry calls from parents because they had not been notified of the lockdown. “The teachers were mad too because they sat in their classrooms waiting for the students, but no one showed up. Eventually they all came outside, and I guess that’s when they were notified.”

At the gym, where the students were held during the modified lockdown, social distancing procedures were not being followed followed, according to the staff member.

“One of the teachers was really on edge,” the staff member continues. “He was yelling at a student on the other side of the gym.”

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