SPC and PIDF to Work Together for Sustainable Development


Nadi, Fiji (June 20) – The Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) and the Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) have made a commitment to work together to address issues relating to sustainable development in the Pacific region.

This follows the signing of a four-year memorandum of understanding (MOU) between SPC’s Director-General, Dr Colin Tukuitonga, and PIDF Interim Secretary General, Mr Feleti Teo, during the Second PIDF Summit in Nadi.

The MOU involves several mechanisms for collaboration, including the development of joint programmes in areas of mutual interest and a commitment to share information.  

[SPC’s Director-General, Dr Colin Tukuitonga, and PIDF Interim Secretary General, Mr Feleti Teo]

PIDF and SPC have already agreed to develop a joint activity on Youth and Green Growth. There is huge potential in the contributions that young people can make to the region’s sustainable development. The Pacific Youth Development Framework is a framework that works to harness this potential and the MOU provides the vision and mandate to do this within a ‘green growth agenda’.

The MOU recognises the respective expertise and contributions of both organisations in assisting member Pacific Island countries and territories to meet their national priorities in the areas of social, environmental and economic development.

Dr Tukuitonga said that this MOU will help SPC and PIDF maximise the effectiveness of their joint efforts to help Pacific people realise their development goals. SPC has over 67 years experience in providing technical services across all the pillars of sustainable development. Continuing this work in partnership with PIDF will ensure that all stakeholders in Pacific Island development are working towards the same priority goals.

Mr Teo said: ‘The signing of the MOU with the region’s largest provider of scientific and technical services – SPC – is a huge milestone in the growing recognition and acknowledgement of the meaningful role that PIDF will contribute to regional efforts to achieve inclusive sustainable development. PIDF stands to benefit tremendously from this partnership, especially in the technical areas of mutual interest where SPC has been the preferred regional service provider.’

The MOU comes into effect immediately. It will be subject to review after two years and renewable by mutual consent at the end of four years. 

About SPC:
SPC is an international development organisation that supports Pacific Island countries and territories, through its broad scientific and technical expertise, in achieving their development goals. It has 26 members comprising 22 Pacific Island countries and territories and Australia, France, New Zealand and the United States of America.