Speaker Cruz compares Guam A.G. to Jeff Sessions


Guam – Speaker B.J. Cruz is accusing Attorney General Elizabeth Barret Anderson of giving an employee an illegal bonus. The Speaker wrote a letter in which he even accuses the Attorney General of misleading him about the bonus during a budget hearing.

In the letter Cruz writes that the A.G. found a way to circumvent Guam law by issuing an opinion on the law allowing her to give this illegal bonus to her employee. Speaker Cruz writes that her choice to do so “is a failure unworthy of the office you now hold.”

In the letter, the Speaker also blasts the A.G. for misleading him by withholding relevant information during a July 6th budget hearing in which he asked specific questions regarding the bonus. At issue are two public laws, one that allows agencies to hire accountants and then use their CPA certification as a basis for a bonus and another law that prohibits the stacking of multiple incentive pay credits based on multiple certifications. Cruz Spoke on K57 with Phil Leon Guerrero this morning (Tues) saying that he felt mislead by the A.G. during the recent budget hearing. “I understood it to be that she has not implemented the law at all for her office but actually she was very careful about the way that she stated it to avoid it being perjurious you know. It was like (Jeff) Sessions. I did not speak to any Russians, I did not speak to any Russians on behalf of the campaign and then I didn’t speak to any Russians because to undermine the United States. I mean you’re just really parsing words and just avoiding the question,” said Speaker Cruz.

In the letter, the Speaker also says he believed that Barret-Andersons tenure as Attorney General would be “marked by a dispassionate defense of the law.” adding that, “I know now that I was wrong. To borrow an old refrain: perhaps you are so busy trying to keep your job, you have forgotten to do your job.”

The Speaker then brought up some issues from the past. For example, he wrote about the A.G.’s failure to select a special prosecutor within the statute of limitations to investigate the illegal issuance of retro pay to Adelup employees in 2014. He also wrote about the raiding of the child support enforcement fund saying that the A.G. “stayed conveniently silent–only acknowledging this conduct when questioned by the legislature.”

“I’ve always been opposed to the elected Attorney General position the people that have run for the position have felt that it’s supposed to be independent of the Governor. She has shown in the last three years that she is just part of the Governor’s office,” said the Speaker.

The Speaker writes that he fully expects the A.G. to defend herself vigorously something he characterizes as “what politics demands.” Adding, “but you are supposed to be more than a politician. You are supposed to be an instrument of justice–a person who chooses to protect both the spirit and the letter of the law rather than exploiting it for the benefit of those around them,” said

Meanwhile the Attorney General responded to Speaker BJ Cruz’s letter stating in part quote: “there was certainly no intent to engage in any false representation to the committee during our budget oversight. It was a personnel matter that had been under review since March of this year between the Department of Administration and our office.”